21 Rules of Engagement in Social Media

In Brian Solis‘ book Engage!, he highlights the 21 Rules of Engagement in Social Media in Chapter 17. I feel that repetition is necessary in order to remind us that it’s critical for businesses to have meaningful interactions with their consumer base via their Social Media channels.

Rules Of Engagement

Discover –

all relevant communities of interest and observe the choices, challenges, impressions, and wants of the people within each network

Participate –

where your presence is advantageous and mandatory, don’t just participate anywhere and everywhere or solely in your own domains. (Facebook Brand Page, Twitter conversations related to your brand, etc).

Determine –

the identity, character, and personality of the brand and match it to the persona of the individuals representing it online.

Establish –

a point of contact who is ultimately responsible for identifying, trafficking, or responding to all things that can affect brand preception.

Customer Service –

representatives require training to learn how to proactively and re-actively respond across multiple scenarios – don’t just put the person familiar with social networking in front of the brand.

Embody –

the attributes you wish to portray and instill – operate by a code of conduct.

Observe –

the behavioral cultures within each network and adjust your outreach.

Assess –

pain points, frustrations and also those of contentment in order to establish meaningful connections.

Participate –

in each community you wish to activate, move beyond marketing and sales.

Speak to Audiences –

Don’t use canned messages, introduce value, insight and direction through each engagement.

Empower –

your representatives to offer rewards and resolutions in times of need

Act –

don’t just listen and placate – do something.

Ensure –

that any external activities are supported by a comprehensive infrastructure to address situations and adapt to market conditions and demands.

Learn –

from each engagement and provide a path within the company to adapt and improve products and services.

Create –

contribute and reinforce service and value.

Earn Connections –

through collaboration and empower adovcacy.

Clarity –

don’t get lost in translation, ensure your communication and intent is clear and that your involvement maps to objectives created for the social web.

Nurture –

establish and nurture beneficial relationships online and in the real world as long as doing so is important to your business.

“Un” campaign –

create ongoing programs that keep your part of day-to-day engagement.

“Un” market –

by becoming a resource to your communities.

Give back –

reciprocate and recognize notable contributions from participates in your communities.

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